David Sánchez Plaza



Telecommunications engineer with professional experience on Cloud Computing, Big Data and Software Development, gained by participating in international large size projects. I excel when being close to technical customers due to my customer-centric orientation and because I never compromise on quality standards.

Big Data & Analytics - Cloud Solution Architect

Currently prouduly working @ Huawei Cloud as a Big Data & Analytics Specialists. I love to work together with customers to improve their systems, help them on their "Journey to the Cloud", and making Big Data great again

  • Birthday: November 1986
  • Website: www.davidsanchezplaza.com
  • Phone: (+86) 177......23
  • City: Shenzhen - China 中国
  • Age: 37
  • Degree: Double Master
  • Email: contact@davidsanchezplaza.com
  • Languages: Spanish, English, Chinese

I am constantly trying to learn new things, work with new people and help as much as I can (and my time allows). If you are similar person, feel happy to connect through LinkedIn, and let's try to make this world a bit better


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Big Data & Analytics92%
Cloud Computing89%
Cloud Native & K8s 82%
Huawei Cloud 100%
Spark / SQL 90%
Programming 84%


Here, you'll find a comprehensive overview of my professional journey, qualifications, and achievements. As you explore this section, you'll gain insights into my educational background, work experience, skills, and accomplishments. Whether you're a potential employer, colleague, or simply curious about my career path, this CV section provides a snapshot of my expertise and contributions in various fields.


David Sánchez Plaza

Telecommunications engineer with professional experience on Cloud Computing, Big Data and Software Development, gained by participating in international large size projects. I excel when being close to technical customers due to my customer-centric orientation and because I never compromise on quality standards.

Proven international experience working with customers, people and teams in four continents (Asia, Europe, America, Africa).

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."

  • Shenzhen - Guangdong - China 中国
  • (+86) 177....9223
  • contact@davidsanchezplaza.com


Master of Management Science & Engineering

2010 - 2012

Tsing Hua University - Beijing - China

Consider TOP 1 University in China and ranking #13 worldwide, I pursued my second MSc in the Industrial Engineering department.

  • Beijing Government Scholarship
  • Grade: 85.75

BSc and MSc of Telecommunications Engineering

2005 - 2012

Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM)

Consider TOP 1 University in Spain for Telecommunications Engineering, consider my alma mater, is the school that shaped and prepared me for life challenges.

★★★ HONORS award for System for remote transmission of commands over an analog channel ★★★


Health Equiptment for Spanish Hospitals


Initiative "Mas que aplausos"

Part of a group of experts and professionals in the health field, coordinated by Jorge Garza Güell. The objective of this crowdfunding was to obtain medical equipment for our country. In addition, another group from Barcelona has joined us in this campaign at the national level. This group is coordinated by Irene Martínez Fernández. We have named this partnership "Mas que un aplauso". Follow our campaign here: masqueunaplauso.com

Successfully raised more than € 60.000 for the purchase and distribution of medical equipment for whole Spain.


Professional Experience

Senior Cloud Solution Architect - Big Data Specialist

2019 - Present

Huawei Cloud - Shenzhen (China)

Senior Big Data Solution Architect with large experience on high scale and complex solutions. As part of the global team I am in charge of all Big Data projects from LATAM, Europe and Africa

  • Participate on pre-sales engagements (From technical leaders to CIO)
  • Deliver on-site technical engagements with customers and partners
  • Deliver proof-of-concept (PoC) projects, technical workshops and trainings
  • Feedback for planning Huawei Cloud roadmap
  • High Level Communications - Gartner Analysts, CEOs, Distinguish Guests
  • Mentored over 4 employees (2 or them are considered A employees)

Proud two times (!) winner of "President Recommendation Award" as part of the HQ team (only foreginer to ever won it)

Senior Delivery Engineer (Big Data)

2016 - 2019

Huawei Global Technical Service (GTS) - Shenzhen (China)

Worked as a Delivery Engineer in charge of deploying, installing, commissioning and delivering Large Scale (Telco size) Big Data projects, successfully delivering:

  • Telefónica Spain - Data Governance
  • Claro Guatemala - Big Data Migration: ETL
  • Turkcell - Data Governance
  • Telefónica Global - URM for 4th Platform

Embedded Software Engineer

2016 - 2019

Spheris Digital Ltd - Beijing (China)

Worked as a Software Engineer developing in C++ under the Qt Framework

Airvisual (Personal IQ Air Quality Device)

  • Lead Software Architech
  • Lead, manage and train employees following Agile SCRUM methodology
  • Write weather station specifications for UI and backend. Assign tasks to team members
  • Project sucessfully launched and raised +60k $ (528% initial target) in Indiegogo (tinyurl.com/hvo5dvz)

Pix-Star (Internet photo frame project)

  • Lead, manage and train a total of five interns following Agile SCRUM methodology
  • Constantly improving the product by proposing and implementing new features: time synchronization with server, voice message, alarms & reminders, games, code obfuscation, five new transitions, two new play modes, i18n, skins for different resolution
  • Multithreading design improved main UI thread responsiveness by eliminating glitches
  • Migration of whole project to new User Interface written with QML & JavaScript
  • Promoted from Programmer to Team Lead within 3 months of hire

Laboratory Assistant

2011 - 2012

Tsing Hua University - Beijing (China)

Design and build a bicycle simulator



Find what customers or people who had work with me have to say about me, being this is just the tip of the iceberg. All references can be verified here

Durante el año en el que David estuvo liderando el equipo de trabajo, la percepción de calidad, entrega, pasión, compromiso fue extremadamente alta. Es una persona muy orientada a resultados, y a buscar la satisfacción del cliente, con la máxima flexibilidad por su parte. Gestionó la multiculturalidad con maestría, evitando en todo momento las fricciones habituales de proyectos complejos y multitudinarios. Bajo mi experiencia profesional y personal, es una personal altamente recomendable para trabajar tanto en grandes como en pequeños proyectos, siendo su presencia garantía de éxito.

Ignacio Charfole

Head of Big Data Architecture @ Telefonica Spain

I had a chance to work with David in a Big Data implementation project. He first listens and understands your need and requirement then propose the appropriate solution which makes both sides satisfied. You can ask him for advice about any type of technical question, he will certainly propose creative solutions or answers to your requirements with his high level of technology knowledge. You can always feel his supportive manner and he is really a good team-player. It was really valuable to work with him.

Zehran Can

Data Analyst @ Turkcell

I worked with David for several months on a Big Data project, though he wasn't involved since the beginning of the project, he quickly understood the main challenges and helped us move in the right direction, he is a very responsible and dedicated person, he is not only an excellent professional but also an amazing human being, always looking to deliver the best of him so that things can move forward.

Erik Cruz

Business Intelligence Analyst @ Claro Guatemala

As PMO director I was overseeing Claro Big Data Migration project. David was involved in several phases of the project with outstanding performance. For the last phase, the project got into lots of difficulties, and we had to specifically bring David back to Central America to solve them (Excellent customer relations, and we also considered him the right person for the job). His contribution to the project helped to accelerate delivery and results were fulfilled at an impresive speed (literally developed by him). While working on the Big Data project, he contributed on another ongoing project about data warehousing, provided valuable insights always going for the extra mile!

Ricardo Orellana

PM @ Huawei LATAM

David is a great professional, with a fantastic attitude and always eager to learn. His role from the professional services team has always been key, with the customer always in his mind. He is also able to blend in in very diverse project teams and also with different customer types. He really is a multi-cultural guy with experience from countries all around the world. His resilience is also remarkable, I've seen him performing under very hard circumstances and for very demanding customers. It has been a pleasure to have worked in cloud and big data projects worldwide with him.

Ignacio Barbudo

Presales @ Huawei SPAIN

David was my mentor for three weeks when I was carrying an internship at Spheris Digital Ltd. He is a very talented engineer with amazing problem solving skills, who is always willing to help and to teach, and from whom I learnt a lot. After I moved to Web Development, we cooperated for several key factors. His knowledge about topics not under his responsibility, the passion to solve problems, and his constant search for ways to do things better surprise me. From the workplace, I could see that he always respects deadlines and puts a lot of effort and passion to his work. It was a real pleasure to work with David, I highly recommend him.

Diego Mora Cespedes

Front and Back end Developer @ Spheris

best engineer who can deliver whatever computer system to half a world population by english, spanish, and Chinese.

Duan Qiyang

Data Scientist @ Alibaba

Life in Pictures

Even if I am not a good Spanish (work too much with zero life), not everything is about work. Work is a mean for living, and my current job has given me the opportunity to visit amazing places around the world. Please, enjoy!

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Feel free to contact me through LinkedIn or Twitter (barely use it). I'll try my best to answer you ASAP.